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We are offering a FREE service were AB88 forum moderators and volunteers checked and verified the services of paid tips sites, to see that their stats were correct, and that they were not cheating their customers.

AB88 can not, and will not be held responsible in the event that the tips you purchased are lost or whatsoever reasons. This is just a free service, originally designed just to be a neutral way of making sure that the tips sites promoting themselves are giving their predictions before match kick off and all the results are genuine and monitored by AB88.

Every site in the Tips website section which has a AB88 Approved tag will lose it from this day.
We urge forum users to use caution, and personally I have never paid for picks, and never will. I do understand there is a market for this out there, but AB88 will not encourage such a market through verifying their services.
The tips websites are allowed to promote their services in the forum though, as long as they follow the rules outlined in the Tips Websites subforum. See further below.

The websites using this service is being notified in automatic email responses.
The automail to the websites sending in mail is as follows:

AB88 Surveillance has been a free service for tips proofing since 2018. Any misuse and misconduct of this service will NOT be tolerate and the tips provider will be banned.

All picks are to be emailed to verified@ab88forum.com with at lease 30 minutes before match kick off. All late entries will be VOID. All picks MUST be submitted for verification in order to have our AB88 verified tipster tag. Those without tags will looks more shady for the other forum users.

You are then able to promote your services in the AB88 forum Tips Websites section, as long as you comply to the rules there.

Thank you for your time and understanding.